Are You Brave Enough to Create Something for Yourself?
We will teach out how !!
Passionate Business Creation Out Now !! 

So you sitting there wondering...
How do I start a business?
A question that been bothering you forever

From the desk of Mario Veraldo
Mexico City, Mexico

How many times have you wondered whether you could create something for yourself?

(I bet you think about that everyday)

The same thing happened to both myself and Rene.

I started my executive career 25 years ago and have always been thinking, what would it take for me to build something. I have struggled with fear of failure, lack of time and lack money more than anyone can tell. 

Then in October 2018 I was given the news that there was no job for me. Nothing that would interest me. I was alone in deciding what to do next after many years. 

I decided to jump. Creating Reinvention Revolution®️ was a leap of faith ! I knew what I wanted to do but still I was afraid. 

I created a model and started working on it. Guess what? It didn't work. 

So I went back to the drawing board and back again and again...and I figured the steps to help people create something they are passionate about and in which they would gladly spend all their time developing. 

January 2020, enters Rene. We worked together for many years and then he decided to take his own leap of faith and work in his restaurant business, while he offered to help me develop the Reinvention Revolution®️.  

Together we got to work with our customers to help them create something for themselves. A side hustle, a business or something they would love to spend their time, be proud about and make money. 

That is how Passionate Business Creation was born. 

It is our testimony to a process that works. A process that can help you get started with your own business without any money !!

A process that will lead you to create a business you are passionate about and start build the confidence to create even more !!

So, do you have a boss who is supportive?
IF not, I can understand it...
...But you are afraid to move !!
You feel you do not know how to do it !!
Well, we have the answer for you...

Imagine if you could create a consulting business in 10 minutes...

Imagine if you could setup an online store in 15 minutes...

Imagine if you could set out to bring your art to world in 20 minutes...

Well, that is possible...but....

Do you know what you are passionate about? 

Do you know if someone close to you is interested in buying something you are willing to do?

Do you know what is unique about you?

These are the questions that plague everyone who wants to get something started. They are the first step in making a move !! When you know them, FEAR will dissipate !! 

You do NOT need expensive software, you do not need expensive tools, you do not need to be worried !! 

You need to act AND GET STARTED !!

This is what 
is about

We have created a quick step by step guide with all the questions you will want to answer !!

Those questions will eliminate the fear you have immediately ?? How??

Well, when you answer these questions you will have a plan to get started. And when you have that and take the first step, you will realize it is easier than your FEARS make you think !!

But please do not take our word for it...
See what they have to say...

Reinvention is part of the process for anyone's growth.Marking this process an insight out for me, starting with me, habits behaviors, and mindset, I been able to show to other people what I’m capable to do trusting more in myself, and building my dream, I have been able to open a company start make it work with my partners and get a much higher level job In a very important company! I’m thank full with Reinventoion Revolution for give me the tools to fly!

Andrea Velasquez

The book is inspiring and great for those on the edge not sure what they want to do with their lives. You need to love what you do then the financial rewards follow. You need to have passion and clients to feel you passion. Follow the steps in this book and you will feel rewarded at the end!

Carlos Sanchez

And this is not all...
A book is just a book
We want you take action !!

So here are a few amazing Bonuses you will get when you purchase the book

Bonus #1 Teooh Weekly Meeting

Our own Virtual Reality Meeting for the Reinvention Revolution®️ Family. Every week we bring a topic to help our family members accelerate their reinvention journey.

We are live but raving our avatars !! This is a new way of connecting and will give you ideas about how to get your future customers connected with you as well.

Life will never be the same after you attend these meetings.

Bonus #2 The Secret Chapter

Our secret chapter comes packed with online material that will help you create you own business. 

We will continuously update that so you never miss a beat in your personal reinvention and always have up to date information on how to create a business your are passionate about !!

Bonus #3 Monthly Passionate Business Creation Mastermind

Once a month we will discuss one topic of the book in depth. We will bring readers from all over the world so you can get your own accountability group to help you NEVER GIVE UP !! 

We will use the best technology to ensure we have doubts resolved and that you get the best support you can !! We will help you succeed !! 

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